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Nov. 12th, 2011 09:04 pm
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1. A fire starts, you can grab three things from around you, what do you grab?
Hard drive (photos), Mom's photo albums, the IMPORTANT CUBBY (stores our ID cards, papers, mementos).

2. If you were attacked by teleporting zombies, what’s the nearest object to you that could be used as a weapon and how?
Uhh.. I can fill a sock with nail polish & knitting needles and swing it at them? Yes, that is what I would do. Totally prepared.

3. What is your phone’s current wallpaper/screensaver?
Edmonton Eskimo logo. Greg changes it on me and I usually leave it up.

4. If you could wake up to one thing tomorrow, what would it be?
I am happy with my husband and beautiful daughters. If I had to pick something daft, I'd go with .. nine 20L sterilite containers full of alpaca wool and sock yarn.

5. Who was the last drunk message you sent to and what did it say?
I can't remember the last time I got drunk. I got tipsy at the wedding (shots with my dad and the wedding party), but I left my cell phone in the car.

6. What’s your opinion of marmite?
Never tried, I might if I had the chance.

7. How did the last conversation you had with an inanimate object go?
Quite well. Trying to reason with Greg is like trying to reason with a brick wall. jk.

8. When was your favourite birthday and why?
My first birthday with my family in my home. I didn't get much, but it was an amazing feeling. ♥

9. If you had to bathe in a tub full of one of the following, which would you choose and why:
ice, frogspawn, baked beans, cooking oil, cow poo, puppies.
Frog spawn, in tadpole stage. I imagine it would feel like bathing in tiny jelly balls. I would stick mint in my nose, in case they smell.

10. What’s the nearest item to you that is upside down?
I have some teal nail polish on its side, if that counts?

11. How aggressive are you behind the wheel of a car on a scale of 1-10?
2. I am a pretty chill driver. lol.

12. If you had to be covered in flavoured syrup for an entire day, what flavour would it be and why?
Saskatoon berry. Or vanilla bean, because yum.

13. What keeps you awake?
Knitting, usually. I get really into it, it's almost scary. Ha.

14. Is there anyone from tumblr that you want to pick up and shake like a snowglobe?
I don't tumbl as often as I should.

15. What was the last thing you made?
Two advent mittens & am in the process of finishing a pair of socks.

17. What do you daydream about?
School, wishing Greg would work (or go to school), not living in this depressing little town, affording a vehicle.

18. When was the last time you told someone you love them?
A few minutes ago.

19. If you got some really good news, who would you tell first?
Greg, then the kids.

20. If you got some really bad news, who would you tell first?
Greg, then the kids.

21. Is your handwriting legible?
Some days.

22. Can you do a cartwheel?
I have never been able to.

23. What was the last silly thing you did?
Tickle fight with Greg and kids.

24. What fascinated you as a child? Does it still fascinate you as much?
Animal sciences (fixing animals, seeing how their body parts/fur/skeletons differ). Still interested, but not quite as much.

25. Look around, what is the next person/animal you see, doing?
Kids, sharing some christmas chocolates.

26. List 5 objects that are in your handbag/purse/wallet/pockets/bag
Keys, debit card, wool and DPNs (half a mitten hanging off of them), loose change.

27. What are your top 10 bookmarks/visited sites?
Three knitting blogs, Knitpicks, Ravelry, Library website, Cracked, CTV regina website, Joy of Baking website, Offbeat Mama.

28. Who is your #1 tumblr crush right now?

29. If you have a page, what are your 10 most played tracks?

If it is not showing up:
1 Coldplay – Fix You
2 Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody
3 Kings Of Leon – I Want You
4 Skold vs. KMFDM – Error 404
5 Skold vs. KMFDM – Love is Like
6 Kings Of Leon – Closer
7 Godsmack – Voodoo
8 Elliott Smith – 2:45 AM
9 She Wants Revenge – I Don't Want To Fall In Love
10 Skold vs. KMFDM – Antigeist

30. Where’s the furthest from home you’ve ever been, how did you feel about it?
When I moved to Edmonton, it was incredibly lonely, until I got a phone call from an aunt.
I thought she had called just to say hello. To tell you how excited I was would have been an understatement. The let-down when she told me she accidentally dialed my number & she meant to call one of her friends? I cried when I hung up the phone. After that, I just stopped giving a fuck about "home" & made life comfortable in Edmonton. It was nice while it lasted. I would not mind moving back there someday.

31. What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to most right now?
Knitting christmas gifts.

32. Last movie you saw? How was it?
I had a 4 hour Grey's marathon last night. It was great. Before that, I watched Wolverine with my sisters, kids, boyfriends, etc. It was delicious because Hugh Jackman stars in it.

33. Current bruises; where and how did you get them?
I get all of my bruises from work. Lugging around cases of cleaning product/food/etc all day. I am a delicate flower.

34. How do you see your future?
I try to live day by day, planning a week in advance, if that.

35. List 5 things about your body that you love.
Hands. Ears. Eye. Fingernails. Uh, spleen.

36. List 5 things about your body that you’ve been complimented on.

37. When was the last time you laughed so hard that your stomach hurts and why?
When my sisters came to visit. Crazy ladies. ♥

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