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Halloween at our home is always a ridiculously festive time. And by festive, I mean 'Amber doing all the things while Greg grudgingly goes along with it & puts up decorations when Amber can't reach certain heights'.


The kids love it, I love it, Greg probably loves it (under that nonchalant IDGAF exterior). I would take better photos of our handiwork, but we are only getting started. And I didn't feel like creeping around the front of the house taking pictures with obnoxiously bright flash going off.

I pulled this jack-o-lantern candle out of storage a few days ago. It's deliciously awful. I'm not going to light it just for that reason. Conversation pieces. We're lighting the candles beside it. Making the living room smell like pumpkin pie spice? Yes, please.

Wedding shoes! I am wearing them around the house so I'm a little more graceful than a seizing primate on the big day. So far, so good. I am as ungirly as they come, in some aspects. I've never gotten my nails done, I've only been to a salon for a haircut (the last time I got it professionally colored, the lady fucked it right up), I don't go tanning, I rarely buy myself new shoes (unless I need them for work).

Even with wedding shoes, I had a hell of a time finding them. I have wide feet, very similar to a duck (minus the webbing, of course). I am convinced it's a result of growing up in the bush and running around without socks. Either way, my feet are crazy & I am slightly self conscious.

(but not self conscious enough to stop posting photos).

Sweeping the floor in heels, like a boss.

The girls like to be read to, and Crystal's coming along in her reading skills. I am glad to be raising little readers. Greg gripes when we go to the library, at least there are computers there to pacify him.

Some trashy books for me. Nothing too thoughtful, just something to read in between Math lessons.

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