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I very nearly left the 'l' out of 'public' in the title, and promptly laughed when I noticed. It's because I am 12, obviously.

When I post introductory paragraphs for new readers, I tend to feel awkward and self-congratulatory at the same time. It's an odd mix. I usually end up editing the shit out of the paragraph to make myself look more interesting than I actually am. The end result ends up being a bullet list of completely random shit that most people don't even know IRL.

Here's an example. I posted this to a penpal community back in May. When I started the entry, I fully intended on posting one or two friendly and engaging paragraphs to catch the attention of prospective penpals. I had one reply, and I think that was because other people were put off by the random off-the-wall crap I ended up spouting.

    Occupation: Supervisor/keyholder in general retail. Knitter-on-commission, Harried mother, Dreadlock starter/maintenance person.
    Language: English, Cree, HTML, Pig Latin, Very Bad French, Sarcasm & all of the bad words in at least 6 different (legit) languages.
    Religious View: Non-practicing roman catholic. Overall agnostic.
    Orientation: Straight, sometimes a little bendy.
    Relationship Status: Committed.
    Tattoos/Piercings: Three tattoos (with a large piece in the works), Side-labret (pierced since Dec 2006, now I only wear jewelry in it if I feel fat and sassy), stretched earlobes (1/2 inch). May as well mention my 2 year old set of dreadlocks, since they're considered a semi-permanent body modification.

    About Me:
  • I took some business management courses, dropped out for personal and financial reasons. Going back to school this fall, taking baby steps to become a midwife.
  • The store I works for supports tattoo acceptance in the workplace, so long as they aren't shoddy or offensive. It is fantastic. I also have dreadlocks that occasionally change between pink, blue and purple. The powers that be have not given the side-eye yet, the positive feedback is encouraging.
  • For years, I had the blackest thumb bordering on the edge of herbicide. I am proud to announce this is my second year dabbling in gardening (and not killing shit!).
  • My children love kipper and Barney. If I'm not puttering in the kitchen, I usually want to throw socks at the television. I do not mind the cartoons I grew up on, though. I could watch those for at least 30 minutes. Other children's TV programs these days are ridiculous and offensive *waves cane*
  • If you haven't deduced by now, I have children. Two, in fact! Little sassy ladies we've dubbed "Crystal" and "Emily", mainly because they abhor nicknames. They are 5 (turning 6 next month) and 4. I love kids, but this is it for me. Babies are cute, but I've finished with the leaky boobs & moody hagfish stage.
  • I've had penpals since I was 11. My first penpal was a girl from Japan & we exchanged magazine and newspaper clippings about the backstreet boys (I was a rabid fan).
  • I practice yoga every morning. My living room is fairly small, so I have to get up before the kids do. I made the mistake of doing it while they were awake & I ended up fighting for space because they wanted to stretch and do the ADVANCED MOVES because they are small and bendy and I am old and not-bendy.
  • I am native american. I'm well-versed on my culture and history, so I'm more than open to sharing any information. My mom was cree (past tense because she passed away 11 years ago) & my dad is M├ętis.
  • The boyfriend has Type 1 diabeetus. He has to inject himself multiple times per day & moniter his blood-glucose levels. We cook like champs, and I'm always open to swapping low-carb healthy recipes.

Since that post, I've combed out my dreadlocks.

And we've gotten engaged.

Life is great & we're enjoying every step of the way. I'm long overdue for a crafty autumn photo post. Doing that later this week.

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