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Jan. 2nd, 2011

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Here is my wall o' text. This is a public post. I will be blogging about every single completed task (those posts will not be public. I am open to new friends. If you're new or a lurker & want to see how this shit pans out, let me know and I can add you.

Bold: In Progress.
Strikethrough: Finished.

Start date: 29 December 2010
End date: 25 September 2013 (I'm pretty sure, anyway).

1. Keep a "My Day In 6 Words" journal for the entirety of this project for 6 months straight.
2. Watch a movie from every year since moviemaking began.
3. Go frame shopping with the girls. Buy two large frames. Frame a piece of kindergarten art from both kids.
4. Sky dive.
5. Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days are up.
6. Pay for the person behind me in the drive-thru or in restaurant or at a grocery store.
7. Identify 101 things that make me truly happy, take a picture of at least 49.
8. Spin my own yarn. Knit or crochet something with my new yarn.
9. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet. [0/26]
10. Find a religion.
11. Write a list of 101 things I've already accomplished in my life.
12. Don't eat sweets for a month.
13. Ask 20 friends to suggest one book. Read them all.
14. Bake bread.
15. Catch up with at least 5 penpals on a regular basis.
Started Feb 2011.
16. Learn to make at least 5 gourmet desserts - really well [0/5]
17. Learn to cook 10 new dishes - really well [0/10]
18. Don't complain about anything for a week.
19. Save up $2000 cash for no particular reason. [1]
20. Move to a bigger centre with the kids.
21. Donate $100 to a charity of our family's choice.
22. Stay out of my overdraft for 6 months.
23. Do 20 creative writing prompts. ( [0/20]
24. Throw all of the world’s countries in a hat and pick 10. Read a book on each country’s history.
25. Not buy yarn until I only have 2-3 skeins left.
Started 02 January 2011.
26. Throw away all of my underwear and start anew.
27. Complete project 365 [2/365] // started, never got past day 2, will need to do over
28. Gain the patience to knit/crochet something more exciting than a square. Finish at least 10 medium-large projects. [0/10]
Running list of projects at my Rav Acct.
29. Tally all of my debts and put away money to square them off every month. Have no outstanding balances by the end of 2011.
30. Donate blood.
31. Grow vegetables and eat them.
32. Keep a houseplant alive for a year.
33. Sew 6 fun/interesting cushion covers. [0/6]
34. Buy a loveseat and a rocker.
35. Find a sport I love. Get involved with sport for 3+ months.
36. Pay for tickets to a concert I want to go to. Take a friend. Treat them to a night out.
37. Drink nothing but water for a month [0/30]
38. Go camping for a weekend with the family.
39. Learn the alphabet in sign language.
40. Attempt to learn french (seeing as it's a national language).
41. Blog every day for one month straight.
42. Write a thank you letter regarding a service. Mail it.
43. Learn about diabetes with Greg - chart blood-glucose levels, learn to inject glucose/insulin for emergencies, etc.
44. Take the bastard for a walk at least 3 times a week.
45. Do a spin class.
46. Set a fitness goal: Lose 25 lbs, keep it off for 6 months. [1]
47. Spend nothing at Christmas by making every single gift (incl gift wrap).
48. Subscribe to a magazine. Here
49. Buy/catch a whole fish, scale and cook it. And eat it, I suppose.
50. Learn to write with my left hand. Legibly. [1]
51. First Aid certification.
52. 100 volunteer hours [0/100]
53. Pay off my credit card, use it for one large purchase that *I* want to indulge in.
54. Apply for student loans & take 13 courses for business management (college, not homeschool).
55. Donate 150 baby hats to different neonatal units around canada.
56. Send someone I care about a gift for no particular reason.
57. Get my drivers license.
58. Enroll the girls in something of their choosing (dance, band, sports, etc).
59. Pay 3 months in advance for at least two of my bills.
60. Buy a pair of colorful pants. And wear them.
61. See an aquarium.
62. Get my passport.
63. GREG'S CHOICE: Do a skin for a 3d model.
64. Go to a festival.
65. Make my bedroom pretty for under $150.
66. Keep up with one package-swap pal.
67. Go to a Pride event.
68. Do a 1,000 pc jigsaw puzzle in one sitting.
69. Read 5 Classic Novels [0/5]
70. Read 50 books from the list of 1001 books you must read before you die. ( [0/10]
71. Leave nice notes or postcards (ala postsecret) in at least 15 library books. [0/15]
72. Go hiking.
73. Get my septum pierced.
74. Reconnect with at least 5 old friends.
75. Dye my dreads light brown.
76. Learn how to say "I Love You" in 10 different languages.
77. Host a holiday cookie exchange.
78. Get at least 10 hours of tattoo work underway.
79. Unplug for one weekend per month. No internet, television, phone.
80. Follow a body detox program for 7-10 days.
81. Start/keep a book journal (review of ALL of the books I read in 2011).
82. Cook a full veg christmas dinner one year.
83. Eat 5 new fruits and vegetables (10 in total).
84. Don't spend a single penny for one week.
85. Take at least one video of the kids per week, and post/save them online. [0/143]
86. Read 1001 books the girlies. [0/1001]
87. Send 5 care packages out.
88. Go out for one of my birthdays. I have until I turn 27.
89. Go to a Saskatchewan Roughriders home game.
90. In to bed at 9 pm for at least one week per month (Kid's bed time is 7 or 8, so this should be okay).
91. Go back home for a week and cook my dad and sisters breakfast and dinner every morning. ♥
92. Get my dad's phone number, call my dad at least once every 2 weeks.
93. Go one week without wearing black (hooooly shit).
94. Get a facial, mani & pedi for the first time.
93. Buy 20 scratch tickets and only scratch them once I have all 20. [0/20]
94. Sell/donate 101 items.
Completed 03 January 2010. No photos taken. May do another donation to record for this list.
95. Get my picture taken with a stranger.
96. Get a professional wax.
97. Study the art of making tea. Make tea. Gift it to a friend.
98. Shooting range & fire a gun for the first time.
99. Tip a server 100% for amazing service.
100. Inspire at least one other person to start a 101 list.
101. For every thing completed, put $10 in a box. On day 1001, do something amazing with it. [0/101]

Basically, the goal is pretty simple. You have 1,001 days to complete 101 things of your own choosing. I've posted my list above and hope that by posting it to the public, I'll be less inclined to shrug it off and forget about it.

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